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Our Process


Since the glass is made of a sensitive and fragile material, cutting in the desired shape and size is not a manual process. With glass cutting machine you can easily cut glass in any size and size you want. The most important feature of the glass cutting machine is that the cutting pressure can be adjusted automatically. Glass cutting machine provides smooth and smooth cutting of glass thanks to its lubrication system.


Tempered glass is safety glass which is divided into small and non-sharp parts when it receives a pulse. It passes through the heating and cooling stages to give pressure tension to the outer surfaces of the glass on the horizontal line and to give an indirect tensile stress to the middle of the glass.

It increases the strength of the glass and its resistance against thermal stresses.


The geometric shapes, logos or lines which are designed as vector are applied to the glass after being cut on the machines and the vector shapes that are cut are dismantled. It is possible to see the inside part of the places where dismantling is done. The purpose of the application is to prevent the eye from filtering out against the light rays and from the eye while saving the sunlight.


Variable bevel widths and effects can be given to glass of any thickness. Most of our products to give the aesthetic processing is called bizote process. Can be used in 3 mm to 6 mm mirrors. This process, which is also applied to 3 mm to 19 mm glass, is preferred.


It is the process of finishing glass edges and corners. The process of sharpening the edges of the glass and the corners of the edges of the process, flat grinding with 90 ° and 45 ° inclination, the process of grinding in the form of bowling, the fish ridge or C is the process, the process is called the process of grading the grading. Polishing is the polishing of the cut surface after grinding with a second process.

Laser Machining

Laser engraving machine with simple and precise glass scraping. Laser engraving glass creates a fascinating matte effect. Very fine strokes and details can be engraved with glass engraving laser in glassware such as wine glasses, flutes, beer glasses, bottles, mirrors or window glasses. With glass engraving laser, personalized souvenirs for parties or company events are made unforgettable and the scraped glass becomes unique.

CNC Channel

It is called carving by the depth of glass surface along a straight line. Shaped channel processing is performed in our CNC machines. In flat decoration and furniture sector, flat and shaped channel applications can be made on glass and mirror surface..

Silk Screen Printing

Glass and mirror surface with the screen in the desired pattern is painted. Screen printing, glass under the glass under the heat to integrate with the body. It can be used in the glass and mirrors which are desired to obtain decorative image.

Milling Cutter

Glass milling process in our factory.


Depending on the product specifications and requirements, different drill bits can be drilled in the countersink and non-flared manual and cnc machines after edge machining.