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Laser Machining

Laser engraving machine with simple and precise glass scraping. Laser engraving glass creates a fascinating matte effect. Very thin strokes and details, photos, fonts ..

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Cnc Channel

It is called carving by the depth of glass surface along a straight line. Shaped channel processing is performed in our CNC machines ..

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BİZOTE: It is called the process of polishing the glass edge at 90 ° and the glass front corner at the desired angle. Bizote width varies with angle.

GROOVING: The surface of the glass is engraved with a depth of 2 mm along a straight line.

RODAJ: It is the process of finishing glass edges and corners. The process of sharpening the edges of the glass and the corners of the edges of the process, flat grinding with 90 ° and 45 ° inclination, the process of grinding in the form of bowling, the fish ridge or C is the process, the process is called the process of grading the grading. Polishing is the polishing of the cut surface after grinding with a second process.